Quilting Hiatus

After writing my first post for this blog all about how much I have been quilting, I took a quilting break. Lots of work hours last week plus a visit from my father in law this weekend equals very little sewing.

I have what I think is the best job in the world, I am a nanny! Most people would look at a nanny as something to do between semesters at school or when you can’t find a “real” job, but I have found it is the best fit I could have asked for! I love children but I have always enjoyed smaller groups of kids as opposed to large groups such ad preschool classrooms.

I work for two wonderful families in the city – one with twin toddlers and one with a 6 month old boy and I couldn’t be happier. They are such sweet kids to spend time with and they are certainly never boring. I love being able to poor into a childs life and watch thrm grow. All that means that even if it’s a long week with lots of hours I still come home happy and I don’t think I could have asked for more from a job.

The visit from my father in law turned out to be great. He got here Friday and we have spent the weekend out on the town doing things we normally wouldn’t do. Sometimes it’s great to see my city from a fresh pair of eyes. We went to the Glenbow museum on Saturday to see a new exhibit – “The nude in modern Canadian art.” It was fantastic! I couldn’t believe that I have lived in Calgary for almost 6 years and hadn’t been there until Saturday.

We saw “Shes Out of My League” on Saturday evening which was hilarious and surprisingly good. But last night the best part. We went to a local casino and entered a poker tournament. I love poker but am definitely an amateur so I was a little nervous to enter. I had entered one tournament on our honeymoon 2 1/2 years ago and ended up winning but this was a bit more serious. There were 47 entrants including my husband Joel and his father Paul. I didn’t do as well as I wanted but I outlasted both the men and ended up in 25th. Not great but not horrible either.

Paul leaves early tomorrow morning for the long trip back to Vancouver, and I am headed out almost as early to work. I am only working 2 days this week so hopefully I will be getting back into the sewing swing and finishing off my current work in progress. It is the napping sized version of the “Plain Spoken” pattern from “The Modern Quilt Workshop.”. I have two to make plus another quilt of my own design by the end of April so I’ve gotta get cracking!


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Hello world

Welcome to superlative sewing. Because no one can resist a good aliteration.

A second blog and a fresh start. I had been keeping a blog sporadically over the last couple of years since the birth of my sewing obsession but it just wasn’t working. So rather than go through and delete and reformat, I decided a fresh start with a fresh name was needed.

I don’t have much right now. I’m working on twin quilts at the moment. Not twin sized but siblings. Both are for friends for the weddings. One for a dear friend who was married over 6 months ago (oops!!) and one for friends who are getting married in may. Pictures to come, lots of cutting to be done first. After that another wedding quilt for our former roommate and a baby quilt for a friend’s soon-to-be daughter.

I seem to be in a sewing frenzy since I finished a commisson for a baby girl quilt this weekend. That prompted me to finish a WIP from 2 years ago. And now I am here.

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